What's Your Flavor?


WHAT'S YOUR FLAVOR is a collection of our best selling lipstick shades.

Everything from nudes to brights, matte to hi gloss.

Negligee (Killer Matte)  Light nude with toouch pink
Khloe (Killer Matte) Bold blue based red
April Eve  (X Shine) Perfect bright, light blue based pink
Yacht (Velvet Matte) Bright carnation coral
Maneater (Velvet Matte) Hot purple and grape
Spoiled (Kille)r Matte) Muted nude pink
Breadwinner  (Velvet Matte) Nude cocoa brown
Stilettos (Hi Gloss) Sheer honey tone neutral
#wcw (Cream) Vibrant lavender pink
Nefertiti (Hi Gloss Pearl) Rubied berry
Calypso (X Shine) Vivid and bright true orange
Nani (X Shine) Bright coral and blue based pink
Bombshell (Killer Matte) Brite fuschia pink
Bambi (Velvet Matte) Nude dusty rose