Sweet Cheeks Blush - Cool Pinks / Mauve / Rose


Chacha Cosmetics SWEET CHEEKS BLUSH has a light weight texture that goes on smooth for long lasting beauty.

  • Triple milled powders
  • Highly pigmented
Pico (Matte)  Muted pink plum
Looker (Matte) Warm pink with soft golden sheen
Bianca (Pearl) Bright fuschia rose
Hazy (Pearl) Dusty plum
Maya (Pearl) Vivid red rose
Yume (Matte) Lightest pastel lilac 
Sassy (Matte) Perfect rose mid toned pink
Royal Plum (Matte) Rich auburn grape
Bubble Gum (Matte) Bubble gummy pink
BFF (Matte) Soft pink
Jazz Fest (Matte) dused muted plum
Footsie (Matte) Dust muted  plum brown 
Mira (Pearl) Bold reddish & gold shimmer

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