Sweet Cheeks Blush - Nudes / Neutrals


Chacha Cosmetics SWEET CHEEKS BLUSH has a light weight texture that goes on smooth for long lasting beauty.

  • Triple milled powders
  • Highly pigmented
Demure (Pearl)  Soft nude
Allure (Pearl) Light plumy brown with gold shimmer
Delish (Pearl) Soft ginger brown with gold shimmer
Brave (Pearl) Gingered brown
Escape (Matte) Muted ginger nude
Sway (Matte) Nude caramel bisque
Kitty Boo  (Matte) Light nude bisque
Zoe (Matte) Muted plum brown
Bakery (Matte) Lightend caramel
Allspice (Matte) Browned red
Sunday (Matte) Muted rose peach
Mrs Jones (Matte) Dusted rose
Majestic (Pearl) coppery brown & gold shimmer
Barely (Matte) Perfect nude tone
Basking (Pearl) Coppered peach with a gold sheen

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