Eye Candy Shadow - Neutrals / Highlights



Gossip (Pearl)  Pale & creamy light beige
Origami (Matte) Cream beige
Mimi (Pearl) Frosty cool beige
Cashmere (Matte) Delicate beige highlight
Cuddle (Matte) Warm pinky beige
Shy (Matte) Muted peach taupe
Barista (Matte) Light beige with a slight peach/taupe tone
Details (Matte) Milky taupe brown
Buttermilk (Matte) Warm pale yellow
Misty (Pearl) Frosted yellow/beige & iced shimmer
Network (Pearl) Soft pale chrome with a touch of green & pink shimmer
Shantay (Matte) Muted grey with a plum base
Sweety (Pearl) Light iced peach
Doxy (Pearl) Iced beach blonde
Kristine (Pearl) Warm peachy beige with silver flecks
Lucid (Matte) Muted nude brown
Classy (Pearl)

Soft gold beige with gold glitter flecks

Secret (Pearl)

Soft muted dusty pink

Snow Queen (Pearl) Pure frosted white with silver sparkles
Mr. Right (Pearl) Perfect frosted gold beige
Ora (Pearl) Light white/yellow duo 
Aspen (Pearl) Frosty beige white 
Peace (Matte) Pale cream tone
Craze (Pearl) Metallic full coverage ashy beige
Sandals (Pearl) Midtone pearlized bronzed taupe
Orb (Pearl) Iced white with pinkish undertones and silver flecks
Maiden (Pearl) Frosted deep dusty rose champagne
Twirl (Pearl) Pale off-white seashell

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