Eye Candy Shadow - Browns / Bronze


Craig (Matte)  Muted taupe brown
Complex (Matte) Medium tone ginger
Dubai (Matte) Rich burgundy brown
Antique (Pearl) Bronzed tone with a gold shimmer
Vine (Matte) Deep wined brown
Ready (Matte) Muted taupe grey
Spice (Pearl) Golden plum brown  with gold shimmer
Sahara (Matte) Matte golden brown
Credible (Pearl) Dark brown with shimmer
Nana (Pearl) Golden brown with golden shimmer
Boogie (Matte) Medium yellow based  brown
Dancehall (Pearl) Intense deep brown & gold flecks
Merit  (Pearl) Muted pearlized plum brown
Mochacchino (Pearl) Iced bronze cocoa
Simply (Matte) Warm midtone golden-brown
Foe  (Matte) Midtone taupe 
Pheonix (Pearl) Metalized blackened brown & copper flecks
Silver Fox (Pearl) Rich ash brown & silver flecks
Lupita (Pearl) Pearlized deep cocoa brown

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