Patina Lip Sheer


Our PATINA LIP SHEER is a high gloss lip glaze with a sheer finish.

2 Formulas: (P) Pearl & (C) Cream

  • Extremely lightweight texture
  • Natural vanillia extract
  • Infused with berry extracts
  • Sheer and glossy
  • Lighter than our Lippy Chick Gloss formula
Glimmer (C) Iridescent opal pinkish peach
Tammy (C) Midtone sheer fuschia pink light shimmer
Essence (C) Sheer peach with golden shimmer
Dolly (P) Light baby pink with silver and pink flecks
Savoy (C) Medium plumy pink with light shimmer
Dawn (P) Baby pink opal LUSTER
My Boo (C) Sheer and creamy baby pink

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