Pixie Dust Glitter

$20.00 $25.50

PIXIE DUST GLITTER adds sparkle to any look.

Apply glitter to skin or hair.

Use alone or with Pixie Paste Glitter Adhesive to seal glitter in place.

Makeup Artist Tip: Best applied with a synthetic brush.

Saga Deep Purple
Enchanted Rose Dusty Rose / Mauve
Unicorn Light Pink / White Hologram
Xana Indigo Blue
Mirror Mirror Perfect Silver
Majesty Mid tone Gold
Glinda Midtone Pink Hologram
Zeus Periwinkle /  Aqua Green
Rapunzel Hot Pink / Gold Mix
Talos Perfect Bronze
Little Mermaid Teal Green
Neptune Pale Jade Green
Luella Lilac Mauve
Pegasus Silver / Multi Colour Hologram
Midas Antique Gold
Titania Violet Blue
Nyx Deep Blue
Cinderella Smokey Grey Silver
Thumbelina Chrome Silver
Puss In Boots Chocolate Brown
Leprechaun Deep Green
Oberon Rusty Burgundy
Winx Spiced Maroon
Cheshire Cat
Bright Plum
Ruby Slippers Bright Red
Pretty Elf Aubergine Dark Purple

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